Who We Are

We are a small team of web developers that like to create cool and useful services for Internet users, with a particular interest to anonymity on the web. HideWebsite aims at protecting your privacy via a proxy service, that hides your IP address while you visit any website, and it can be used by any device that is connected to Internet, such as desktops and tablets.

Anonymity Online

This proxy is completely free to use, no registration is needed, you just need to type the website you want to visit and hit the button, that's all. It is very important that you use this proxy reasonably and ethically, you are not allowed to visit websites blocked in your country or to commit illicit actions on external or internal websites. You are the sole responsible on how you use this proxy.

To respond to abuse requests, and to monitor the proxy activity, this service logs the websites visited by its users, as any other online proxy does to respond to abuse requests. In the case that we will receive an order from the court of law, from local authorities or from other security companies, we may (but we have no obligations) disclose the log files to identify the abusers.